Call to Compassion

Last year on my way home, God told me that he would “restore my heart”.

At first, I felt unsure about the meaning of those words for I had long nursed a heart I believed was unable, unwilling to care for any other. But not long after, I began to excitedly anticipate what God would do.

As my relationship with God continues to mend, I have experienced first-hand how his Presence brings life where there was only death, how his Truth frees us from addiction and bondage and how his Love is able to do even the impossible.

Experiencing love changed me. His love – so pure, unrelenting and uncompromising made all other ‘loves’ pale (even ugly) in comparison. I began to see how blessed I was –to have been saved, forgiven and set free; given family, identity and a purpose.

Slowly, the Father began to show me his heart for the broken, for the lost, for the persecuted. He demonstrated to me that love need not be afraid, that true love is not idle or calculating. Love gives – period. How could I withhold my love from anyone if God himself had loved someone like me?

A few weeks back, I went to a “Let Morning Shine” event, sponsored by CSW to raise awareness of the gross injustices still ongoing in North Korea. There was nothing much I could do – only to cry and plead to God that he would soon end these atrocities.

I know that some would hear of these things and turn to question God. If he’s so powerful and loving, why won’t he do something? But I know him and he is not cruel. He knows our pain. He knows of injustice. He knows of poverty and the desperation of human life. He knows because he himself came and walked among the least of us. I believe he calls each believer to emulate his example.

Compassion, I have learned, is something that naturally grows in the heart of every one of us who nurture a relationship with God. It is one of the fruits of the Spirit. It becomes a primary characteristic of our way of living – we would be known “by the way that we loved”. It is his love that compels us to forgive the unforgiveable, to love the unlovable and to traverse the ends of the earth to reach the unreachable.

If love is a compass, then compassion will always point us to those whom Jesus loves.

If you continually grow in His love, you will find it impossible to keep it to yourself. We may not have all the answers to the world’s problems but until Christ comes, WE are God’s salt and light – the proof of his love, his compassion to the world.


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