Regression and Return

Its been a year since the last time I was here and a lot has changed.

In so many ways, I have regressed to who I was even before this blog began. I won’t say that I haven’t had any progression because I have – but only in some areas. The expression, “One step forward, two steps back” comes to mind.

There is no defense I can offer myself, I suppose the best thing to say at this point is just that “nobody said it was going to be easy”. The idea that true transformation happens overnight is not only false but a dangerous delusion.

Its funny because I haven’t touched this blog for the simple reason that I had nothing “good” to report. But “Seven-Fifteen” was never meant to be a blog just about my victories… I forgot that I had meant for it to be a platform on which I could display both my victories and my defeats.

But now I have an urge to return. I am not saying that things are getting better – they are not. I am even more plagued now than I ever was. I have no delusions regarding my resolve to fight my own battles. What I do know is that I serve a God who is more than capable of keeping me – even to put me back together should I break apart. He is altogether trustworthy – the most!

So consider me fearless only in this regard. I know who my Father is. I know that He is good. And even if I do not deserve it, I know that I can trust in his “name and heart”.

So the prodigal returns home.


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