Offline Holiday: Challenge Accepted! (or not…)

The past few days have been tiring. I blame it all on the medication that I’ve been taking. It drives me absolutely stir crazy at night.

In the past 48 hours, I have slept a grand total of 3-4 hours – I think. I hadn’t been able to “nap” in the day time either. Was too busy yesterday and was too excited today.

Resurrection Sunday at Cornerstone Church was great. Even though I was sad that we didn’t have the Way of the Cross this year (like the past two years). I’m so glad that I was able to use the Easter holidays to regroup, recoup and get rejuvenated!

Plus, I have been eager to go see my Church mates! Ever since I’ve started to write DAILY for The Tapestry Project, I’ve formed a sense of connection to the Church. Even though its more of a “readership” connection, the fact that I know there are people who are “liking” my posts or reading what I’ve read, gets me excited to know what they’ve experienced and thought of.

Every week, we’ve been having unofficial “journal circle” where we’re basically talking about some of our favourite prompts during the week. I love LOVE LOVE doing it. Its so encouraging to me as a writer. People are calling each other throughout the week – just to ask, “Have you done today’s prompt yet?” or “Which day are you on?”

I was so excited that I ended up staying at the church until everyone had to leave. We were still talking on the way to the MTR station and I was talking until I was alone – at the Kwai Fong MTR Station.

I reached in for my iPhone to find that I had left it at the Church.

(long sigh).

Most days, this would have induced a violent visceral response. Me without my iPhone is like an anxiety attack waiting to happen. Today, I shook a little. I gave a loaded sigh and then I started writing on my journal – an idea started to form.

“How about an Offline Holiday?!”

Throughout this holiday, I have enjoyed – and I do mean ENJOYED – just living blissfully at home. For a self proclaimed HomeBuddy, going on trips is not a holiday that’s just leg work.

I was going to go to Macau with my mum and dad but frankly, I wanted to give them some alone time and give myself some alone time too.

I’m an introvert – I love alone time.

So here’s the Game Plan:

  1. I’m going on an ALL-DAY OFFLINE HOLIDAY (off the Internet, off FaceBook, off Instagram, of WordPress (GASP!).
  2. I will have no music so I will need to have my journal and probably a book.
  3. I will have no camera so its time to dust off my trusty  D90.
  4. I’m going to shop, eat, shoot, journal and get some much needed sun (although I’m told its gonna be cloudy tomorrow).
  5. I will upload pictures from my adventure later.



The only question is whether I can even wake up tomorrow without my iPhone.





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